................................. Peace Brigades International
“Imagine yourselves as unarmed bodyguards,” said Liam Mahoney, one of the people who trained me for Peace Brigades International. “We describe PBI’s work as ‘accompaniment. ‘ The presence of foreign volunteers can protect human rights advocates under repressive governments from violent, politically motivated attacks. It’s a bit like Gandhi, during the colonial occupation, making sure there were foreign journalists around to report injustices. Or like white northerners who went south during the civil rights movement to protect blacks registering to vote. The premise of the unarmed bodyguard is that there will be an international response to whatever violence the bodyguard witnesses. Accompaniment literally embodies international concern.” 
I must become the change
I wish to see in the world.

—Mahatma Gandhi

Krysl working as an unarmed bodyguard in Sri Lanka with
Peace Brigades International

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